About Us

Varni Supermarket is a grocery store that specializes in indian groceries and we serve to deliver groceries right to your doorstep or you can shop at our store at 667 Dundas street, London, Ontario,Canada N5W 2Z1. Our store has an extensive variety of indian groceries that encompass different goods and spices from all over India.

We have a wide variety of groceries such as masala powders, pickles, dhaals, rices, as well as indian beauty and household items.Our main goal is to have all kinds of spices and goods from India so you will feel right at home with our groceries. If you do not find a specific product you are looking for, please contact us through the contact us page so we can have it in stock for you within a week. Although we have a good headstart into our business in terms of groceries, we would really appreciate it if you gave us feedback on our products or on what is missing so we can further improve our store and meet your needs. Because of Covid-19, we have adapted our store into an online store as well with guaranteed shipping within 2 business days with no shipping costs as well as curbside pick-up at our store.

Feed back ………… : admin@indiangroceryingta.com
Inquiries ………….. : admin@indiangroceryingta.com
Whatsapp ………… : 647 667 8937 ( 24/7 hr support )
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