Welcome to Lakshmi stores Inc

We pride ourselves in our product quality with strict quality control checks in place. Buy with confidence and enjoy a great shopping experience with Laksicarts!

Returns are not accepted without prior authorization. Goods must be in new, unused condition and returned in original packaging.
20% restocking fee.

If item has been assembled or used it may not be returned. If you receive any faulty items damaged/broken upon arrival, we may replace you but there are no terms of refunding is available with us.

You should report it to us on the same day you received our product. If the product is damaged on shipping and you can see when you receive from the carrier, we request you to take a picture on the spot and do not accept the product from the carrier.
If you do accept the product from the shipper by signing their document, you are confirming with the shipper that the product has been delivered in good condition and we cannot be able to help you to recover the product costs. To avoid this, we strongly recommend you to take insurance on all of your purchases with us. Shipping cost provided in the checkout page is without insurance,

Contact us at Info@lakshmistores.ca for insurance information and any other details that you may need to verify with us.

Return Shipping Costs
Lakshmi stores Inc will take care of returning shipment costs if only the buyer took insurance for the products. If the buyer purchase the product without insurance and claim damage on transportation, Lakshmi stores will not be able to assist on shipping costs.
Damages on shipping must be notified to Info@lakshmistores.ca on the spot with a clean picture and strongly recommend you to notify the shipper right away and get the shipper’s signature on the spot claiming that it was damaged on transportation. If Lakshmi stores shipped a wrong product by its mistake, returning shipping costs will be taken care by Lakshmi stores..

If you have any questions, kindly contact us Info@Lakshmistores.ca or by phone 001-289 386 0460