Dear Customers :

Free shipping for over $100.0 will be followed as per the above schedule only...

Customers can call Lakshmi Stores at 905 334 9464 with any questions prior to place an order.

If there are any Inventory issues, Lakshmi stores will refund the customer by cash when we deliver your order.

For Customers who live in Apartment, please note that our staff will not come upstairs as per covid policy followed by
Lakshmi Stores, Our staff will give you a call 5 mins prior to arrival. Customers have to come downstairs and
get their order, Customers are requested to carry a small cart or some help for big orders, We do sell a small cart as well, plz
ask our staff at the time of the delivery

Curbside pick-up options are not available at this time.

Thanks for your support and Understanding.

Lakshmi Stores Inc